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Berbicara mengenai OTP (One True Pairing) fiksi

If there is one genre of novel that I do not like, I would answer romance. But my answer is not entirely true. because in fact I enjoy the love story. Part of me always felt I was a hopeless romantic . The truth is like this, because I really liked love story or the called romance, the story must suit with my taste. So in this case, I actually talk about preferences. And I happened to read romance novel that not suit with my taste and end up I'm not enjoying it and I become dislike romance in general. 

Someone taste & preference always change & it's normal because humans are dynamic. My tastes in terms of romance has changed. In the past, the early twenties, I like lilting romance like Harlequin novels. The story of romance that many scenes focus on the physical attraction and sexual tension. There are also times I love romance story full of angst ( but now, I prefer story where the angst level have been reduced), and do not forget the passionate romance and sweet romance. All those elements are the reasons why many people love romance so much because it plays the emotional side of human being.

Surprisingly, the older I through, my preference of romance also change. Nowadays, I like the subtle romance stories (disguised). I once heard a quote, "When the age is getting older, the passion / desire will be reduced and sex is no longer the focus of a relationship, otherwise the emotions and the soul will be mutually seek each other out." In other words, when physical activity is lost, the couple will want s spouse that act not only as companion but also a soulmate who have the same vision for friendly chatting and share many thoughts. 

Okay, off topic, the initial intention about my post  should be talk about my OTP. So over the past few months I lost interest in reading because I watch anime. And anime that I have watched & followed is Dragon Ball Super. What? You mean that Dragon Ball ? That popular anime about fighting? Which are supposed for the boys?

Yeah, that's Dragon Ball. Dragon Ball is a very popular among shonen anime and manga fans. Usually people tend to be "surprised" if there is a girl like to watch shonen anime. But Dragon Ball itself has long been popular among children heirdom. Both girls and boys are like it. And in my opinion, the older you get, girls prefer shonen than shoujo anime. Because story in the shonen anime more general & mainstream so it can accept by many people despite their gender or age. 

In shoujo, sometimes the story feels too girlie or teenager and usually, its main plotline about romance. But this is only my narrow opinion, since I haven't following any anime or manga for long time. So I don't know about the development about manga & anime again. And I (unfortunately) not accomplished reading manga in band "LEVEL COMIC" (manga for adults audience, 17+ and over) . Hopefully in the near future I can read the popular manga Attack of The Titan.

Back to Dragon Ball. This Dragon Ball I'm talking about or watch lately is the latest Dragon Ball or a sequel of the Dragon Ball series previously known as Dragon Ball Z. Continued from Dragon Ball Z is Dragon Ball Super. Honestly, I'm not the hardcore fans Dragon Ball. I even don't like fighting genre, I mean I'm neutral about it. There are many times when the episode being too dragged and I end up bored to stay and watch it.

I guess I will not be watching Dragon Ball Super if one of my favorite characters do not appear on the series. Who is my favorite character?

In one of my previous posts about the favorite fictional male charatecs, one of  them is Trunks or futures Trunks from Dragon Ball series. After a long time (perhaps 15 years - in a matter of real time) future Trunks does not appear in Dragon Ball series, suddenly he comes back in the latest sequel of Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super namely (DBS). Trunks actual return is similar to the first appearance, which is to ask for help to the past because the future of the world once again attacked by a mysterious enemy.

Well the difference when it first appeared, Trunks status is single, the second time he appears, he have love interest . The problem is, his love interest  is arguably "controversial". The female character who is paired with Trunks by the author, is a character from very first Dragon Ball series. In other words, she is old character which also old in age too.  Her age is much older than Trunks, although already "adjusted" by deaged - altered to young again, using the Dragon Ball. And most fans (especially fans of westerns) feel this relationship is inappropriate/weird, because the age gap is too far. Not to mention, his love interest age even older than his mother himself.

Now, let's talk about Trunks love interest, The female character who becomes love interest for Trunks named Mai. Mai initially appear as a villain  in the style of team rocket in the original Dragon Ball, the type of gag villain (for comedy/humor purpose) and never been real threat villain. After that Mai and her villain companion (also known as Pilaf gang) no longer appear in the sequel of Dragon Ball, or widely popular known as Dragon Ball Z.

Mai recently re-emerged in the new Dragon Ball Z movie "The Battle of Gods". However her appearance is changed. Instead an adult woman how she used to be, she appears as little pre teen girl. And the romance start from there as a joke.

Kid Trunks suddenly have a crush on kid Mai & ask Mai to pretend to be his girlfirend. That is one the humor or gag in DBZ movie, Battle of Gods. Also in the movie it explains, how Mai become kid or young again actually by using wish from Shenron through Dragon Ball.

Overall fans thought their interaction kind of cute, but not serious. However when the new arc of DBS is announced, there are image of adult (future) Trunks & adult Mai. In other words the ship is sailing, or the pairing become official.

This is where the point, adult Mai have so many haters & many Dragon Ball fans called it the worst shipping ever.

For me personally, I'm neutral about Mai. Her first role as gag villain didn't make me hate her, but I also didn't like her either. Simply because, her character just plain silly & underdevelop. There is nothing special about Mai in original Dragon Ball & in certain point, her character very forgettable.

However, in the future Trunks timeline, Mai's character changed very drastically. She is very serious, kind, selfless, and badass. Rather than become minion of Pilaf, she become leader of the resistance like John Connor in Terminator.

I'm type of person that see chemistry first and background second. For me as along as their chemistry are good, I will support them as OTP. Future Trunks is very popular character among female DB fans, because of his hero persona & bishonen looks.

I like future Trunks & future Mai interaction. Their interaction are about bonding in relationship. Mai support Trunks when he feel down and she also helping him a lot by take care of him when he is injuried, etc. And Trunks also really care for Mai & always worried about her. About the age gap, I already wrote long post on tumblr about it. You can check it here.

Another reason why I like my OTP maybe simply because I just like their character. I don't care if people said they just Gary Stu & Mary Sue. Frankly speaking, I never like those term of Mary Sue or Gary Stu just because the characters are look perfect. Yes, future Mai is lack of background story, because the author is too lazy to write about it. But the good news, fans can write various fanficition about her background.

And I think both Trunks & Mai are demi-sexual (like me). If you wondering what are demi sexual, below are the explanation:

demisexual is a person who does not experience sexual attraction unless they form a strong emotional connection with someone. It's more commonly seen in but by no means confined to romantic relationships. The term demisexual comes from the orientation being "halfway between" sexual and asexual

Sexual partner: Hey, I think you are sexy. *aroused* 
Demisexual partner: I'd have to reach a higher level of emotional intimacy before I could feel the same way. =\ 
Sexual partner: Oh, I see. Well, we can do something enjoyable together. =/ 
Demisexual partner: =D We can bake a cake for now! 
Sexual partner: Sure! That's always fun, although we seem to be doing that a lot. =D 
Demisexual partner: *squeee! bonding time!*

It make me realized, why I never attracted with flirtatious guy, because I'm demi, I need bonding time before I can like someone :D

Actually I wrote this post in Indonesian language, but I don't know what I'm click, then suddenly it change to english, Worst of that, half of my post are missing. But the main things I want to write that I prefer subtle or compassion romance than passionate romance. And romance is better for side plot than main plot,

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