Senin, 09 Januari 2017

Berbicara mengenai OTP (One True Pairing) fiksi

If there is one genre of novel that I do not like, I would answer romance. But my answer is not entirely true. because in fact I enjoy the love story. Part of me always felt I was a hopeless romantic . The truth is like this, because I really liked love story or the called romance, the story must suit with my taste. So in this case, I actually talk about preferences. And I happened to read romance novel that not suit with my taste and end up I'm not enjoying it and I become dislike romance in general. 

Someone taste & preference always change & it's normal because humans are dynamic. My tastes in terms of romance has changed. In the past, the early twenties, I like lilting romance like Harlequin novels. The story of romance that many scenes focus on the physical attraction and sexual tension. There are also times I love romance story full of angst ( but now, I prefer story where the angst level have been reduced), and do not forget the passionate romance and sweet romance. All those elements are the reasons why many people love romance so much because it plays the emotional side of human being.